Taking care of braces

Everyone wonders what to expect with braces.

So it’s OK if you felt anxious the day you got them.

And you probably left with questions about what’s going going to happen next and if there’s anything you should be doing to make sure you get a great result.

That’s what you will want this resource.

Read the 7-part series of articles below so your braces experience will be stress-free!

  1. Relief for sore teeth during braces - over the counter pain medication works well if taken one hour before your visits.
  2. Keeping braces clean - focus on cleaning between the metal and the gum and behind the wire.
  3. Soothe mouth ulcers during braces - wax is a lifesaver while your lips and cheeks get used to your braces.
  4. Foods to avoid eating with braces - big bites of chewy and hard foods can cause problems with your braces.
  5. How to fix braces at home - home remedies can work well for making poking wires or loose braces comfortable until your next visit.
  6. Emergencies during braces - wear a mouthguard and get the immediate help you need.
  7. Dental cleanings with braces - visit your primary care dentist every 6 months so they can clean around your braces.