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About Dr. Bryon Viechnicki

Owner of Smile Logic and Orthodontist

I started dental school at age 2.

Well, not officially at age two ... but I did show an early talent for sculpting dental wax and plaster monsters while mom studied late in the lab at Temple University School of Dentistry.

After this early stint in dental school, I earned thousands more hours of continuing education over family dinners. My mom would talk about general dentistry and my dad would talk about orthodontics. Holiday dinners with extended family were like tight-knit dental conferences - Orthodontist uncles, Cosmetic Dentist cousins and Periodontist in-laws talking about teeth the entire time.

Dr. Viechnicki with his family.

From dinner time dental stories to mastering the art of the smile

Dentist for braces in South Brunswick NJ DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine) Doctor of Dental Medicine University of Pennsylvania

My mom is a perfectionist who always strives to make her best work better than anyone else’s. My dad and uncle are infectiously happy people who love every minute of what they do.

So after years of listening to their stories about the satisfaction of improving patients’ smiles, I decided I wanted to be a combination of all three.

South Brunswick Orthodontist Orthodontic Specialization Temple University

After dental school, I spent 2 years of postdoctoral residency being mentored by some of the preeminent clinicians on the East Coast and became a certified specialist in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics.

That's where I learned the art and science of turning adult and adolescent crooked teeth into self-confident smiles.

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Treatment philosophy

Some guys like to putter on the golf course. Some get jazzed building cars from scratch. For me, creating logical orthodontic plans and guiding them to fruition over the one to two years your child (or you) are in my care is my passion.

So much so, I helped write a textbook on the subject, and teach it to residents at Temple University.

From placing braces left-to-right, to choosing when to begin treatment, there is a method behind each decision.

How old is too old for braces?

The oldest patient I ever placed braces on was 71 years old. She said she wanted to do whatever it took to keep her teeth healthy and looking good for another 30 years.

Orthodontist Certified Member of the American Association of Orthodontists 2013 Young Leader American Associationof Orthodontists

That said, the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends you have an orthodontist evaluate your child for budding orthodontic problems at age 7. This is the best age to identify issues before they become costly problems one or two years later.

There are other benefits of starting early, too. Your child will have more confidence before hitting middle school and can avoid bad dental habits now.

Why I started Smile Logic

Patients ask me, “why didn’t you name your practice after yourself?”

The short answer is that the name was already taken.

My dad is also an orthodontist - he practices in my hometown in Pennsylvania. So when I moved with my wife to New Jersey, I needed a new name for the new practice.

Today, Smile Logic represents the way I practice orthodontics. I pay attention to the appearance of the smile and back it up with methods and systems to get it just right.

The result are great - our patients get an attractive smile with teeth that function the way they should.

My team is here to help

If you are just getting to know us, I appreciate you checking us out!

To learn if it is the right time for your child to get started with braces, you will want to book a braces consultation.

Your braces consultation is a checkup where we identify the problems present and what your child’s treatment would look like.

If treatment is recommended, then we can talk about getting braces and the investment involved. For any portion of treatment your insurance does not cover, there is zero-interest, in-house financing available.

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Dr. Bryon Viechnicki DMD, MS Orthodontist, Owner, Smile Logic Orthodontics

Dr. Bryon Viechnicki (pronounced vick-nick-ee)

P.S. - Some of the other driving forces in my life are hiking with my wife Betty (see our Matterhorn hike), keeping up with technology, and planning lectures on... planning : )