Crooked bottom teeth made straighter with braces

Crooked bottom teeth happen because there is not enough room for them to line up straight.

So they rotate and jumble to squeeze into the overcrowded mouth.

Like this:

Before and after braces fix crooked bottom teeth

Picture of crooked bottom teeth that can be straightened with braces. See after pictures.

(Actual patient from Kendall Park, NJ.)

Problems caused by crooked bottom teeth

Problems happen when teeth do not line up straight.

1. Crowded teeth look like extra teeth: In severe cases, crowded teeth can look like there is an extra row of teeth – even if the normal number of teeth are present.

2. Damage to gums: Plaque is easily trapped between teeth and gums of crowded teeth, making brushing and flossing difficult.

3. Crowding gets worse over time: Teeth shift as we age. That shifting causes crowding to get worse over time - which makes getting straight teeth more difficult.

How braces straighten crooked bottom teeth

Braces were used straighten the crooked bottom front teeth.

Braces used to fix crooked bottom teeth

Month 1: Braces placed on crooked bottom teeth.

Straightening of crooked teeth during braces

Month 3: Teeth have started getting straighter.

After braces with crooked teeth straightened

Month 6: Straight front teeth.


Teeth become crooked when there is not enough space for teeth to fit in the mouth. These crooked teeth can cause problems.

Braces can straighten crooked bottom front teeth.

Now that the teeth are straight the patient is in a better position for lifelong health.