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Clear braces for adults at Smile Logic

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Adults get clear braces

We help you get straighter teeth with clear braces.

You will find that little problems, like that one bottom front tooth that seems to be drifting, can be straightened quickly by Dr. Viechnicki.

And bigger problems get transformative results within 18 months.

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We take care of everything

We treat adults differently than kids.

From choosing clear braces that will not stain, to ongoing corrections, we here at Smile Logic take care of all the little details.

Why adults choose Smile Logic for clear braces

South Brunswick Orthodontic Specialist in NJ

Dr. Bryon Viechnicki, DMD, MS
USA Top Orthodontist 2012-2023

You may be young-at-heart, but your teeth - and your lifestyle - are different than the typical middle schooler in braces.

Neon-rainbow braces are not your style.

  • Clear braces and clear aligners
  • Modern facility
  • Zero Interest, In-House Financing

For our adult patients, we typically look to maximize the benefit of treatment in the shortest time possible.

That means that little problems can see improvement in 6 months.

Dr. Viechnicki’s treatment philosophy is part art and part science. Our patients get an attractive smile because we pay attention to both the design of the smile and methodical systems to deliver care to our patients.





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