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For most parents of pre-teens, the first signs of protruding "fang" teeth, a pronounced overbite, or a toothy smile can make you start to worry — will they need braces?

If they do, exactly how much will it cost, and how long will it take before they have a self-confident smile?

Or will your child be one of the genetically gifted few who won't need braces at all?

There is a chance your child won't need braces, but we can't tell for sure until we do a free consultation. Just know there's only 1 dental problem that gets better on its own over time — mild spacing of primary teeth.

Otherwise, crooked teeth tend to get more crooked as your child grows.

Hi, I’m Dr. Viechnicki!

I guide crooked teeth into self-confident smiles.

I'm a second generation Orthodontist. If you want peace of mind in knowing exactly what dental obstacles could keep your child from having the smile you want, then my team and I can help.

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Find out if it's the right time for your child to get braces

If you time braces just right, it will save you and them a lot of time, money and maybe even surgery.

We help your child get braces at the right age by planning ahead.

Many parents don't realize there are some dental problems that only have a narrow window of time for the best treatment. For example, crowded teeth need all the space they can get to straighten. Once a baby molar is lost, the permanent molar will drift forward within 2 days and you lose the chance of ever getting that space back — without resorting to implanting mini-screws or plates into the jaws.

Another example is if your child's canines become impacted. Just like adult impacted wisdom teeth, impacted canines need surgical treatment. If we catch canine impaction before age 10 or 11, we can redirect it by removing the baby teeth and letting nature run its course. This allows your child to avoid pretty aggressive surgery to treat the impacted tooth.

Your first visit

When we meet for your free consultation, I will gently walk through all your concerns and take the time to help plan an affordable path forward. I can tell you if your child needs braces, how long they’ll have to wear them, and exactly what they will cost if they are needed. I even offer zero interest, in house financing on any parts of treatment your insurance doesn't cover.

If you’re ready to know for sure if your child will need braces or not go ahead and call 732-274-2211 to book your free consultation now.

Or, you can get to know more about Dr. Viechnicki here.