Spacing Treatments

Spacing before and after clear aligners

Spacing corrected with clear aligners for 9 months. Actual patient of Dr. Viechnicki.

Spacing is a lack of contact of teeth in the mouth. Problems associated with spacing include getting food stuck between teeth and the appearance of spaces. It occurs because of genetic and environmental reasons resulting on or several of the following:

  • Large jaw size
  • Small tooth size
  • Missing teeth

Treatment options range from increasing the width of the teeth, moving the teeth together and increasing the number of teeth.

1. Move Teeth Together

Spacing before and after braces

Spacing corrected with full braces for 26 months. Actual patient of Dr. Viechnicki.


  • Natural teeth moved closer together


  • High level of cooperation with retainers
  • May need a fixed retainer


2. Veneers or Crowns

Spacing before and after veneers

Spacing corrected with veneers. Actual patient of Dr. Viechnicki.


  • Increases width of small teeth
  • Faster than braces


  • Requires cutting of teeth
  • Requires fake teeth
  • May require braces prior to placement

3. Add Teeth


  • Replace missing teeth


  • Requires fake teeth